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Omega-3 Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil MADE IN CANADA

Omega-3 Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil MADE IN CANADA

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Our Omega 3 Dog Supplement features a unique blend of wild caught ocean fish oils and special cold pressed plant oils for maximum health benefits. Formulated to provide essential fatty acids important to overall health, it supports skin health, a strong glossy coat, joint health, excellent brain, eye and nerve health supports. Excellent support of puppy brain development. Protected in a unique medical pump to keep air out of this special blend of oils to keep it fresh from the first to last pump.


  • Does your dog suffer from itchy dry skin, excessive shedding and/or a dull coat? The fish oils WellyTails Omega-3 fish supplement for dogs are specially blended to bring shine back to your canine's coat while reducing shedding and itchy dry skin. Since this is a liquid supplement, just pump one dose into your dog’s food, and he’ll lick his bowl clean
  • Our Fish Oil Supplement with only the highest quality natural human and veterinarian grade ingredients with no fillers, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, so you can be assured your dog is getting the best Omega 3’s possible
  • Our unique STAY EVER FRESH AIRLESS PUMP SYSTEM makes dispensing easy and odorless while preventing oxygen sensitive Omega-3 essential fatty acids from becoming rancid. Rancid oils are harmful to your dog’s health as they are a source of free radicals
  • Ingredients in this 13.2 oz. (400 mL) bottle: Wild Caught Ocean Fish Oil are human grade.
  • Made in CANADA rom the highest grade ingredients, you can be assured that your pet is getting the best nutritional support possible when you give them WellyTails supplements. Purchase your dog supplement today so he can start benefiting from better health now
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