Why should I supplement my pet’s diet?

You should supplement your pet’s diet because dry and canned pet foods are unsuccessful in providing the OPTIMAL nutrition that our dogs and cats need and deserve. Dry and canned pet foods are produced at high temperatures rendering them dead, almost sterile foodstuffs. Pets who are fed diets containing grains and that are high temperature processed are at a much higher risk of suffering from dry itchy skin, chronic diseases, digestive problems, cancers, joint problems and joint pain. The length of time to recover from a veterinary procedure is most likely to be longer also.

I am feeding my pet a RAW food diet. Do I still need to supplement their diet?

A RAW food diet is well known and noted for its health benefits, however dogs will still greatly benefit from daily supplementation with WELLYTAILS. Be certain that your pet children get the OPTIMAL nutrition that so that they get al lof the benefits from the extra ALL 3 Omega-3s, probiotics, prebiotics and antioxidant phyto-nutrients and more found in WELLYTAILS.