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We would be pleased to discuss your pets health issue and how our products may be able to naturally help support normal healthy function.

Mailing Address
WellyTails Inc.
7954 Transit Road
PMB #310
Williamsville  NY 14221-4117
Phone: 239-300-8410




Mailing Address
WellyTails Inc.
3-304 Stone Road West
Suite 321
Guelph ON N1G 4W4
Phone: 519-766 8242


Our commitment to you and your pet companion’s health = Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Clcik here for instructions on product returns.

 Where To Buy WellyTails?

Ask your favorite professional pet store owner to order the WellyTails product that you need in for your cat or dog. The store owner can contact us directly to learn which wholesale pet products distributor services their store.

Please note that WellyTails is sold to pet parents by better nutrition focused independent pet stores, regional pet chain stores and veterinarians.  Recently we have started selling on the Internet.

We started selling directly to pet parents on the Internet as we see many low quality, diluted, watered down so called natural pet supplement products being sold online. Our mission is to help pet parents have NATURAL, EFFECTIVE ALL NATURAL solutions to pet health issues and not get ripped off and scammed by online marketing hucksters. Take the time to get the knowledge to help you determine quality from marketing hype - your pets will thank you. 

WellyTails is formulated to deliver proven safe, evidence based ingredients in effective dosages – we do not water down or dilute with cheap fillers and we price our products so that many more pet parents can optimize their pet's health and lifespan.

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