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Shipping Rates (Prices do not include taxes and shipping & handling)


 less than $18.44         $5.95 for shipping and handling

 $18.45 -$ 34.94           $3.95 for shipping and handling

 over $34.95                 FREE shipping and handling!

 All online orders are shipped from our US based location by regular postage parcel mail.


Ask your favorite professional pet store owner to order the WellyTails product that you need in for you. We package our products in 6 to a case so that it is easy for a professional pet store retailer to keep WellyTails in stock without having to ordering in too much inventory we want to be certain that FRESH in use by code product is always being made available and sold. The store owner can contact us directly here or contact a wholesale product distributor for wholesale prices.


Please note that WellyTails has traditionally only been sold direct to pet parents on the Internet. We did this as we saw many diluted, watered down and no clear effective dosage amount information so called natural pet vitamin and mineral supplement products being sold at highly inflated prices online. We want pet parents to have a REAL effective solution and not get ripped off and scammed.


WellyTails is formulated to deliver evidence based ingredients in effective dosages we do not water down or dilute with cheap fillers and we price our products so that many more pet parents can optimize their pet family members health and lifespan.



Payment Options


All prices are in US Dollar Amounts and Credit Cards are Processed in US Dollars.


Credit Card Payments

Online payment gateway:   VISA and  MasterCard


Paypal:   VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover   (You don't need a Paypal account to pay with your credit card through Paypal)


Mailed In Payment

We also accept money orders.



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