Production Process


WellyTails Pet Supplements Products and Production Process

We make our pet supplement products in small batches in our own human food grade production facility. Before we moved into our production facility, it was previously used to make fresh pasta and fresh pasta sauces.

It is very important for us to know who makes our ingredients, where our ingredients come from and how they are stored and produced. We know that it is also very important to you. We make our own products, in our own facility and do not have any of our production or packaging outsourced.We do not use co-packers so we can keep complete control over where our ingredients come from our ingredient freshness and quality control.

We strive to find local ingredients for use in our natural pet supplements in order to minimize our carbon footprint. We use brand name ingredients that have clinical research information and add and label them at effective dosages.

We label our product ingredients with “Country of Origin Labels” (COOL) so that you know where the ingredients came from.

We use “HUMAN GRADE” ingredients primarily. However if we can only find research proven ingredients that are of “FOOD ANIMAL FEED GRADE”  WE WILL USE THESE SCIENTIFICALLY RESEARCHED AND PROVEN INGREDIENTS. We want to produce only EFFECTIVE products made with evidence based ingredients of the highest quality that we can possibly find.

We are not and will not be chained to trendy “marketing slogans” such as “100% human grade ingredients” when we KNOW of better effective and researched ingredients which are ONLY available as a “FOOD ANIMAL FEED GRADE” ingredient.

WE DO NOT USE any ingredients that are so called “PET FOOD GRADE” as these type of materials are inferior and have no place in any holistic natural pet health supplement.

Please see our Natural Ingredients information page for further information on ingredients