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WellyTails Dog Supplement for Digestion and Immune Support with Omega 3 Oil and Probiotics

WellyTails Dog Supplement for Digestion and Immune Support with Omega 3 Oil and Probiotics

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Dogs having difficulty properly fully digesting their food exhibit symptoms such as low energy, poor skin and coat condition, bad breath, suffer bloating, eat their own stools/feces, have very smelly foul flatulence and bad feces odors. WellyTails Dog Digestion and Immunity Support contains 8 digestive enzymes and immunity boosting probiotics which are especially helpful for dogs eating kibble. Help your dog maximize the nutrients from their food and relieve their digestive problems with WellyTails Dog Supplements.

  • Does your dog exhibit symptoms of digestive issues such as really bad breath, stinky flatulence, and strong waste odors? These issues can be greatly helped with WellyTails Digestion and Immunity All Natural Dog Supplement.
  • WellyTails Digestion and Immunity Dog supplement provides 8 digestive enzymes as well as 3 prebiotics and 9 probiotics to support a healthy digestive system. The immune system is supported with all 3 of the Omega-3's, GLA Omega-6, Acacia Fibregum-B, and organic chelated zinc.
  • Watch your dogs coat get shiny and their eyes bright, while reducing smelly odors, and increasing energy, with a canine supplement that your dogs will love so much, they will lick their bowls clean!
  • Whether you're needing a supplement for a raw food diet, difficult digestive issues, or just want to increase your dogs energy, this WellyTails veterinarian approved Dog Supplement will provide the vitamins and minerals that your canine friend needs while reducing those awful odors from poor digestion!
  • Made in the USA from the highest grade ingredients, you can be assured that your furbaby is getting the best nutritional support possible when you give them WellyTails supplements. Purchase your dog supplement today so your canine can start benefiting from better health now.
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