K. Read

Good afternoon, I want to share my feedback on your Wellytails Savoury Gravy Supplement Mix, Cartilage, Hip, and Joint product.

My Hannah is a husky shepherd mix and will be 15 years old in June. She has had great health throughout her life, but having a few hind end hip issues now since recovering from a debilitating bout of vestibular disease a year ago.

She recently bolted after our cat and screamed in pain. Her hind legs seemed to have given out to a great degree. I took her to the vet, and she gave me a  container of Cartilage Hip & Joint Savoury Gravy Supplement mix to try, and it was decided to put her back on the Metacam I had on hand from the vestibular disease.

I began giving her both immediately and saw rapid improvement in Hannah. So much so, that I stopped giving her the Metacam after a couple of days. She has recovered and we continue to give her the Wellytails Gravy Supplement daily.

She and I take daily walks and she trots along like a young dog. Pretty amazing considering she's almost 15 years old!

I whole-heartedly recommend this product to anyone wanting to help reduce the pain and debilitation of aging hips and joints. To me, after watching my dog transform from agony back to trotting like a young dog, this is a miracle product!


K. Read

J. Ditner

Hi there, I have my 9 yr old large breed dog on your hip and cartilage, hip and joint supplement. It is an amazing product, has made the world of difference!! I did a lot of research before trying your product. My daughter in law has talked about her father's very senior dog, in a lot of pain, even on pain meds. I recommended this product. I would like to know where in the Niagara Falls, Ontario area, you sell it? Which stores carry this?
J. Ditner


do you make a cartilage,hip,joint supplement for humans? Your dog supplement is fantastic. It has transformed my 8 year old female Lab. She now acts like a 2 year old Lab. This product is much,much better than other brands I have tried

S. Archer

It's just so nice to find a product that works and contains what it says it does :)"
I showed my vet and he thought it looked like an excellent product. Can't wait to show him Joey's eyes now!!
S. Archer,
Red Deer Alberta


Thank you, John.

I should have added in my first email how much I value this product. My now 5-year old Havanese had orthopaedic surgery to his foreleg a few years ago and he just never healed well. More than two years later, we finally got to the source of the problem (damage to his carpus secondary to placement of the fixator after surgery - a small but known risk). We had no idea whether there was also an arthritic component or some generalized inflammation, or if none yet, how soon it would develop. We decided to pursue the supplement route to see if it might help.

The owner of our local pet store - Chew That in Ottawa - is very informed about nutritional supplements and recommended your Rx joint formula. We put Jack on the formula and saw improvement but it was tough to tell if the supplement was helping or if it was just an add-on to other treatment modalities that were making a difference. (We had started Jack on physiotherapy and hydrotherapy at the same time.) So, after a month - figuring that if the supplement was working, it would be well stabilized by then - we stopped the supplement to assess. Within a few days, Jack was grumpy and by the seventh day, it was clear that Jack was uncomfortable. He was withdrawn, didn’t want to be active, and had muscle tightness in his neck from holding up his arm. So, we put him back on the supplement and within 48 hours, we noticed improvement. By 72 hours, he was his old self again - running, playing, and good humoured. By the day after that, most of the pain-caused muscle spasms had let go. There’s no question in our minds that your supplement has made a huge difference to Jack’s recovery and his overall comfort.

We also have Jack on your dehydrated food base. It’s important to keep Jack at the low end of his weight range to minimize stress on his arm. We worried that keeping him on minimum food intake might be limiting his vitamin and mineral intake when he needs that to be as high as is healthy for his weight. Again, the owner at Chew That suggested we give your food a try. We were looking for something that required our own protein and oil so we could be using the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible and your product is one of few reliable products available in Canada. Additionally, you have a high quality vitamin supplement in the food.

I can’t say that I like the smell of the food when I’m making it up (when it’s warm), but Jack loves the smell (he is glued to my legs in the kitchen when I’m mixing it up) and the taste. I like the quality, and importantly, we’ve been able to decrease Jack’s weight while still seeing signs of good vitamin and mineral intake (coat, teeth, eyes, stool colour). We add bits of fresh vegetables or berries to the mix when we serve it to give Jack something of low calorie to crunch on and everyone is happy.

Now, the fact that you are also based in Guelph, Ontario is just icing on the cake! I did my undergraduate at University of Guelph and worked in Guelph for a few years after. I loved the University of Guelph and still miss living in Guelph. I like the feeling of digging into those good years when I use your product.  :-)

I’m sorry my note has been so long but I wanted to share with you as objectively as possible just how glad we are to have tripped over WellyTails. Thank you for your commitment to high quality food and supplements for dogs. We’re convinced that it’s the combination of your products with our treatment modalities that is keeping Jack active and happy and, importantly, off of pharmaceuticals.
Information Genie


I recently switched to WellyTails Phytonutrients. It has better quality ingredients vs Solid Gold which just has generic seaweed and they're not specifying what kind or where it comes from. I'm impressed not only with the ingredients but also how its processed. I'm very impressed with a company as a whole and they have excellent customer service.
Pup Chronicles



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