WellyTails Welcomes Pet Parents

Welcome Pet Parents!

A personal note from John Leveris – co-founder of WellyTails®

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We respect and recognize that busy pet parents are searching for help in effectively solving their pet health issues naturally and are frustrated with all of the pet supplement industry marketing hype; with many overpriced underperforming products that have popular ingredients listed as “window dressing” on a label or delivering old expired ingredients as to be nearly useless.

All of us at WellyTails care deeply about supporting pet health naturally and in helping you to keep them healthy, active and with you for a very long time.

I would like to thank you for visiting our web site and closely investigating our product ingredients and health problem solving formulas and also for considering WellyTails® products to help you solve your furry friend’s health issues - naturally, effectively and safely.

Wishing you and yours great health and longevity!.