Making Dog Food At Home just by adding ANY MEAT? = You can do much better!

May 1, 2016

 Making Dog Food At Home just by adding ANY MEAT?  =  You can do much better!


It is somewhat intriguing that some make at home dog food products on the market are marketed as making you own dog food by just adding water to a base mix. Just add water and then call it homemade dog food with “FRESH RAW MEAT”! Honestly – when was the last time you sat down to a meal that contained ANY reconstituted freeze dried meat?? I do wonder how marketers can take an old freeze dried meat product – something that is made primarily for use as emergency food storage and featured on every end of the world survivalist show as it does have a 10 – 15 year shelf life. Freeze dried foods are also great for back country hikers but why would you want to ever feed this to yourself or your dog unless it was an emergency?

Old freeze dried meats sold in a dog food mix that when water is added it magically is transformed into “FRESH RAW MEAT”! It could only happen in the world of pet food marketers.

There are also make at home dry dog food mixes that are formulated to make it easy for you to add in your own REAL FRESH MEAT, meat actually purchased in its real form from your local grocery store or butcher shop. There are several major issue with these base mixes:

a)      These marketers say that you may add any meat or fish of your choice without regard to the difference in Calcium to Phosphorous ratios contained in different meat fleshes – this could create an unbalanced dog food that if fed long term may cause harm to your pets teeth and bones over the long term as the calcium to phosphorous ratios are incorrect.

b)      They do not supply or recommend an amount of Sunflower/vegetable oil necessary to deliver the proper amounts of the essential Linoleic Acid Omega-6 fatty acid depending on the meat used

c)      They do not supply or recommend an amount of Omega-3 Alfa-Linolenic Acid oil necessary to deliver the proper amounts of the essential Omega-3 fatty acid and they do not advise a specific amount of fish oils in order to get EPA/DPA Omega-3 fatty acids into your dogs food. Fresh fish oils are excellent at helping to maintain a shiny coat and reduce dry itchy skin. Fresh fish oils are also excellent to support normal brain, nerve and eye health as well as helping to reduce joint pain in older dogs.

d)      Some freeze dried or dehydrated base mixes result in a lower end of the amount of protein that is recommended as they do not recommend much meat to be used.

e)      Many have large pieces of freeze dried or dehydrated vegetables that are too big for the dog’s digestive system to break down in their short digestive track and end up just passing through and are seen as whole pieces in the dog’s feces. If all of the money spent on the dog food does deliver nutrients and is of no value it is a real waste of your money.

Making Your Own Complete Nutri-Balanced Homemade Dog Food with Your Own REAL FRESH MEAT!

WellyChef makes it easier for you to make a properly balanced meal using you own REAL FRESH MEAT that you yourself do eat as it comes from the local butcher shop or grocery store. You know the freshness and the quality of it so you can confidently feed it to your furry friend!

There are actually 3 different formulations that are made to be used with individual kinds of meat or fish

WellyChef Veggie & Fruits + Chia  Canine Blend  for Lean Ground Beef

WellyChef Veggie & Fruits + Chia  Canine Blend for Ground Chicken or Turkey Meat

WellyChef Veggie & Fruits + Chia  Canine Blend for Salmon and Tilapia Fillets 

It is easy to make your very own properly Nutri-Balanced dog food at home using your own REAL FRESH meat – either raw or cooked.

Preparation Instructions

 MEAT weight used in recipes are FOR FRESH RAW MEAT. Use your own sourced and trusted fresh meat as either raw or gently cooked, ie. simmered in water or pan cooked until just cooked through – avoid browning meats. Simmer the meat in the required amount of water as per the recipe and then when cooled use the cooked meat,

the added cooking water and the meat juices to make up the recipe.

NOTE 1: If there are young children, elderly seniors or people with a compromised immune system in the household it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all meats be thoroughly cooked to help avoid potentially harmful human infections,

NOTE 2: Some dogs transitioning to a RAW meat diet have difficulty digesting raw meats, some dogs never acclimatize fully to a raw meat diet, cook the meat for them.

NOTE 3: It is critically important to make any homemade dog food with added required amounts of  Vitamins & Minerals to make sure the recipe is properly balanced to meet AAFCO dog food standards. A properly balanced diet ensures that your furry friend will have strong healthy teeth and bones and live a long healthy natural life. This WellyChef™   Veggie & Fruits + Chia  Canine Blend has ENSURE Canine Multi Vitamins & Cheleted Minerals already blended in.

  1. In a large mixing bowl place in WellyChef  Veggie & Fruit + Chia Canine Blend  for your specific FRESH MEAT CHOICE
  2. Add  warm water +  and thoroughly mix together. Let soak for 15 – 20 minutes.
  3. 3.     If making a puppy formula; add in YOGURT  and 1 large sized EGG cooked chopped and stir in together 
  4. Add FRESH SUNFLOWER OR VEGETABLE OIL (do not substitute with olive or coconut oil)
  5. Add FRESH FISH OIL WellyTails Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil Blend or fish oil soft gel capsules and thoroughly mix all together.
  6. If using Carbohydrate Add In Option: If so desired you can add any 1 (one only) of the optional permitted formulated carbohydrate sources and mix together thoroughly.
  7. Add  your own FRESH MEAT – LEAN GROUND BEEF 15% Fat Content  and thoroughly mix together with all of the ingredients. 

+Total amount of water used in a recipe can be adjusted to change the consistency to make it more or less wet. The amount of food fed will need to be adjusted so that the dog receives the same amount of calories and essential nutrients daily.  Feed more of a wet food and less of a dryer less wet food.

If feeding FRESH REAL MEAT as either raw or slightly gently simmer cooked that results in a food that is complete and nutri-balanced them check out WellyChef.  Link to WellyChef landing Page

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