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Welly Tails Omega 3 Dog Supplement for Healthy Skin & Coat

Welly Tails Omega 3 Dog Supplement for Healthy Skin & Coat

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WellyTails Dog Rx Healthy Skin and Coat delivers specially selected natural dietary ingredients for enhanced skin nutrition and skin health supports. Especially formulated for dogs that suffer from skin and coat problems such as excessive shedding, dry itchy skin, skin reactions to allergies, hot spots and dry dull coats. This great tasting dog supplement is sure to please even the most finicky canine, so be sure to buy more than one bottle!

  • Does your dog suffer from itchy dry skin, a dull coat, hot spots, and/or excessive shedding? WellyTails Healthy Skin and Coat Supplement for dogs delivers naturally enhanced nutrition that relieves these symptoms to help reduce your pup’s suffering. Made in the USA from only human grade ingredients, you can rest easy giving this Omega-3 supplement to your dogs.
  • Contained within this nutritional supplement for dogs are human grade, all natural ingredients, including Chelated Selenium mineral, Chelated Zinc mineral, Omega-3 DHA and EPA, Prebiotics and Probiotics that help support digestion and the immune system, Plant based digestive enzymes to help aid extraction of more nutrients from their dog food, Phytonutrients, Hyaluronic Acid and GLA Omega-6.
  • Dry nibbles alone cannot give your canine friend all the nutrition he needs to maintain health, which is why WellTails has formulated dog supplements that are made in the USA, all natural, veterinarian grade, and taste great. Giving WellyTails dog supplements to your dog not only gives you peace of mind, but also gives you lots of love and kisses from your dog who is thrilled to get such a great tasting treat!
  • Give your dog relief from itchy dry skin while giving yourself relief from cleaning up excessive amounts of hair due to abnormal shedding and watch your dog’s coat shine - buy WellyTails Healthy Skin and Coat supplement today.
  • Made in the USA from the highest grade ingredients, you can be assured that your furbaby is getting the best nutritional support possible when you give them WellyTails supplements. Purchase your dog supplement today so he can start benefiting from better health now.
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